How to Earn Money Online? The answer to this question might appear perplexed but is really a simple process. Note that every simple thing is not easy.

For the current situation around that, we all are suffering from (Novel Coronavirus Pandemic) the question of how to earn money online? become a highlighted topic worldwide.

So, if we think a few decades ago was this really possible? to make money online by sitting at our home. The answer was NO, isn’t it? But today it is possible to work for a few hours sitting at our home and making money online. In fact, some people are doing it and making a lot of money.

As we all know that there are a number of ways to make money online. So, today I will be sharing with you guys a very simple technique to earn money just by watching videos.


How to earn money online

How to make money Online


Click on the LINK to direct sign up and get a BONUS of 5$ into your account. (so click on the link)

how to earn money through internet

As shown in the image above sign up by filling in your details and click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button. You will be then directed to a new page.

NOTE: Click on my link to grab an extra BONUS of 5$ in your account.


After directing to a new page and getting a bonus of an extra 5$ in your account. You can now start watching videos to make money.

how to earn money in india

You can see that I have an extra 5$ bonus amount without even watching any single video. now you can watch all those 5 videos and start making money.

How to earn money online


Remember you have to watch those videos for at least 34 seconds each to get paid. shown in the image below.

for every 5 videos, you will be getting: 0.61$ + 0.32$ + 0.47$ + 0.52$ + 0.56$ = 2.48$ every time you watch the videos. Once you have finished watching those 5 videos you can again watch this after 24 Hour (NOTE THAT).

So, if you Calculate Your Earnings with this method.

2.48$ Daily * 30 Days = 74.4$ a month.

(Dollar to INR Conversion) 74.4$ * Rs 75.7/-= Rs 5632/- (monthly) just by sitting at your home and watching videos for hardly 5 mins.

Remember you can watch those 5 videos for only once a day. After 24 hrs you can again watch those videos and can earn 2.48$.

How to earn money online


Yes! you can also earn by referring others about this platform. You can see above I have 10.48$ in my account which I have earned via referral.

make money online in india

You will get a 1$ for each sign up through your link. All you have to do is to share that referring link to your friends via Watsapp/Facebook/Instagram, etc and ask them to sign up from your link. In return, Your friend will get an extra bonus of 5$ and you will earn 1$ directly into your accounts.


The next most important point is how to get the money we have earned in our accounts. Well that step is also super easy on this platform.

Log in to your account and go to MY ACCOUNT section and select withdraw.

This will open 4 ways of withdrawal. I prefer to go with PayPal (you can go with any method you want, all are more or less the same) and cash out the money by hitting on the Withdraw button. (If you don’t have PayPal account then make by seeing any Youtube Video)

The minimum withdrawal amount is 80$ for all 4 ways of withdrawal.

So readers I hope you liked my article and if you want more articles on making money online then leave a Comment “YES we want ” or “NO we don’t want” in the comment box below.

So, Join today and Enjoy! making money online.

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